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Akeem Miller, Founder & CEO

"You may encounter defeats in life but you must not be defeated." 

-Maya Angelou

As the CEO and Founder of Project Run For, Akeem Miller brings more than ten years of executive experience in corporate partnerships and team management. He is also part of a global initiative, Project Pengyou, to promote mutual understanding between China and the US. With his global perspective, the entrepreneurial-minded Miller garnered his resources to merge his ideas with the Project Run For team. Mr. Miller believes the key to success lies in building trusting and sustainable partnerships. His leadership has been displayed most notably as a featured speaker at the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis, MN. He served as a coach at a Leadership Training Summit at Harvard University, where he taught others unique cross-cultural leadership skills. Earning his Bachelor’s Degree in International Political Science, Miller became the first Guyanese-American to graduate from Wenzhou-Kean University in China.

Project Run For bridges the gap between mental health and physical health. Our team comprises leading experts, medical personnel, personal trainers, dieticians, brand ambassadors, counselors, policy analysts, and volunteers. We provide support, a sense of purpose, and solutions to help inner-city youths reclaim their anxious thoughts. Research has shown that those exposed to lower socioeconomic status are more prone to experiencing higher stress levels. Chronic stress, for example, can lead to heightened anxiety, depression, and a host of mental health conditions. As mental health continues to plague the minds of underserved communities, we are faced with severe repercussions. Social stigma, lack of knowledge, and limited access to health care services cause many to suffer in silence. Through funding and resources, Project Run For provides a reclamation through exercise and a support system.

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