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Our Story

"Project Run For is a start-up healthcare non-profit organization that addresses mental and physical health through developmental programs for adolescents and emerging adults. This organization was created out of an expansion that started as OneDown Project based out of Tanzania, East Africa which grew into an international effort. Whether domestic or foreign, research shows that adolescents and emerging adults can reach their optimal level of health if their mental and physical health are equally addressed. To achieve this level, we tailor our approach to empower our youth to prioritize physical activity and peer-to-peer mental support.


Our organization aims to develop effective programs that Personally Recommend Others to Join our Efforts Charitably and Tangibly in Reaching the Underserved Now. Our vision is one where our youth are equipped with the resources and tools needed to become their own agents of change in tackling their health. Our philosophy is to never do for a child what they can do for themselves which is why we highlight their potential through leadership programs, therapeutic programs, and physical and mental health education.


We always knew that the success of our organization would be built on four pillars: Learn, Love, Live, and Legacy. By learning the proper ways of managing our mental and physical health, we can learn to accept ourselves and others and establish trust and love within our communities. By living up to our full potential, we enable future generations to do the same and leave a legacy for others to follow. We engrain these four L's in everything that we do. For example, the apparel that we sell displays uplifting quotes that personally connect with our buyers and reminds them to love themselves despite their struggles. Our donors acknowledge and embody these pillars which help us maximize our reach to adolescents and emerging adults in need. Join us as we make a lasting impact when and where it's needed most."

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